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sacredheartWhen I first envisioned establishing a spirituality center years ago, I spent a lot of time reflecting on a name as well as a tag line which would explain in a few words what I hoped for. I finally settled on The Heart Center: where we find ourselves in the heart of God. I was quite enthusiastic because for me, the heart is the symbolic center of everything – our body & bodily functioning, our emotional system, our devotional life…and my tag line included finding ourselves as well as situating what we find in the heart of God. All of that was great until I tried to obtain a website domain and realized that the modern world considered a Heart Center to be a cardiac health institution of which there are an overwhelming number already in existence.

Today, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an object of devotion for generations of Catholics. The essence of the feast is captured, I think, in the second reading for today from the first letter of John which exhorts us: Beloved, let us love one another because love is of God…God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God. We can look to Jesus as the perfect manifestation of this unconditional love that is the very definition of the God who has brought us to life in this world. Jesus became incarnate precisely to mirror this love and to give us example of how to practice it.

An essential element of love is surrender, the giving over of our own will to the greater good of the other in God. In this manner, I finally gave up my “perfect” title for “my” spirituality center and in its place have found “Sophia” which is teaching me about the Wisdom (Sophia in Greek) that knows the heart as the “organ of perception” and has the tradition of mystical love at her core. So in surrendering, I have lost nothing. I realized that when I noted that there was no need to change my e-mail address because “hrtcenter 12” put me right where I want to be: in the tradition of a disciple of Christ, who is the incarnation of God’s love for us to this day and the very message I hope to convey in everything we do.