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Antique CompassAt 176 verses, Psalm 119 is the longest psalm – actually having more verses than 14 books of the Hebrew Scriptures and 17 of the Christian Scriptural books. I’d recommend a trip to the internet or to your Bible for a bit of commentary and an explanation of the intricate formula/structure of the psalm. I’m just taken with the beauty and heartfelt desire of today’s section (vs. 33-40). Below is a contemporary translation which I transcribe in paragraph form to suggest its use as a prayer for the journey of today.

Even now, Lord, if you will but teach me I shall keep as treasure all you say. Give me an understanding heart to grasp what lies alone in you, the outlines of your law, imprint them in my soul. My deep desire is for a heart whose compass-point is aimed at your true north, and not some weaker pole. I desire eyes as well that do not wander, but hold your vision fast for all eternity. Fill full your servant, Lord, with awe and fear of you, and drain away the dread I fear of failure on your path. May I listen ever to your word as judge and balance of my soul, and in your justice, give me life.