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babyinhandsToday the readings celebrate John the Baptist, the one born to “prepare the way of the Lord” before Jesus. There are great stories of John in the Scriptures, not the least of which precedes his birth (see Luke, chapter 1). This morning, however, I am drawn to the psalm (139 – my favorite) where the psalmist speaks to each of us of the wonder of our own coming into this world and God’s care from before we were born continuing throughout our lives. There is nowhere, he says, that God is not. There is no time when we are without the presence of God. We need only look or call to God to recognize the great love that holds us. Whether in happy times or sad, in the throes of doubt or the certainties of faith, our God is not absent. It is we sometimes who fail to notice. Our most secret thoughts are known to God who accepts all of them – and everything about us. We have such reason for gratitude!

And there’s one more thing that I find a constant miracle, also mentioned this morning by the psalmist who says, “You knit me in my mother’s womb…I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made; wonderful are your works.” Looking at a baby I always marvel at the amazing process that brings us to this world. A miracle indeed!

So the questions I ask myself this morning are: How am I called – like John the Baptist – to prepare the way of the Lord in my life and in the places that I dwell and work and visit? How will people know and trust the presence of God more because I have been among them? What does my life say about the miracle that is life?