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heartinchestAs I wrote the title for this morning’s blog entry, a song (I think the singer was Patti Page) popped into my mind and I heard my mother singing with her, “You’re close to me here, but where is your heart?” A nice memory for me (and those old enough to remember Patti Page!) and a good question. In the gospel this morning from Matthew, chapter 6:19-23, Jesus is talking about the folly of storing up “treasures on earth where moth and decay destroy or thieves break in and steal” and after comparing those to heavenly treasures, he ends with a profound sentence. “For where your treasure is,” he says, “there also will your heart be.” So this morning I ask myself what I consider to be treasure in my life, that is, to what am I willing to give my heart? Then the next question arises: how do I keep my heart focused in the direction of what I value? For me it all comes down to consciousness and spiritual practice that will keep me awake to my choices every day. What about you? Where is your heart?