Yesterday, as we do each Tuesday noon, those gathered for “Lunch With the Psalms” (see “Ongoing” section on our website) pondered the Psalm of the day (145). Using an alternate translation of this beautiful “praise psalm” we found it most profound. The psalmist sings of the greatness of God and promises to personally praise and to spread God’s name throughout the world. It was all quite uplifting but it was the last part of the psalm that captivated me as the psalmist turned with a marvelous image from our role toward God to how God yearns for us. I thought it worth repeating today to let the words ring out again in praise of our awesome God.

The eyes of every creature ever born were made to look at you and through each passing season receive you as their food. You open wide your arms of love to us and the longing of each soul is deeply satisfied. Your paths run straight to every creature ever made. Your compassion fills up everything you do. You swiftly come along these paths to help us when we call, for you know and meet our needs in perfect nearness.   (PS 145:16-20)

I was especially taken by the phrase “perfect nearness” and thought of parents and other loved ones who know well the balance of love – not ignoring or smothering but meeting needs in just the right way for our good. It seems that if we catch the import of the first sentence in this text and keep our eyes looking at God and receiving the food God offers each day, we will experience that perfect nearness and know peace.