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stillAgain today, I am filled with compassion for Jesus whose disciples fail once again (in Mk 8) to catch the deeper meaning of his words and actions. The last line of today’s gospel has Jesus asking, “Do you still not understand?” I could actually hear him saying that – maybe more out of disappointment than of frustration because he knew the ones he had chosen and was not about to give up on them, but it must’ve been hard nonetheless.

I continue to hear him ask that question, but now it comes to me to answer. I know that my desire is to follow, to learn, to imitate the pattern that Jesus has set for my life, but often now I get glimpses of how little I understand the depth of where that might lead me. So today again I resolve to stay awake so I might not miss what is put on my path that will allow me another flash of understanding, another opportunity to live from the heart of God.