Interesting to me in today’s gospel reading (Mk 4) is the fact that about five verses after yesterday’s selection Jesus repeats the line that I found so important. It makes me think that Jesus wanted to make an important point too! He says again, “Anyone who has ears to hear ought to hear.” This time, however, he adds the admonition, “Take care what you hear.” For me, that implies discernment. I believe he is saying that mindless chatter or gossip should be allowed to pass “in one ear and out the other” without our actually taking it into our consciousness or giving it any attention. Rather we should be concerned with what will move us to “higher mind” activity which then moves to the heart, rather than getting into what does our spirits no good and leads us into useless emotional distress. I am not suggesting we block all unpleasant thoughts or everything that creates some emotional response. What I am trying for in my life is the release of negativity and a sharpening of my inner sense of hearing to lead me to God and the ways of God so I find my home then in the heart of God.