This morning’s gospel (Mk 4) recounts the parable of the seed falling on different kinds of soil, the parable that Jesus took time to explain to his disciples when they were alone. For many of us, it’s a “no-brainer” since we had the explanation as soon as we heard the parable itself. The question is rather whether or not we have interiorized the meaning of what Jesus was trying to get across to them and us.

My other reading this morning was from a book called Living Presence: A Sufi Way to Mindfulness and the Essential Self. I’m always interested in how synchronistic things show themselves to be so I wasn’t surprised this morning when the next chapter to be read was called “Listening Within” and spoke of how we often miss the message of the present moment because we are not consciously engaged. Rather we listen and speak mechanically while other thoughts, images or worries are preoccupying us. So today will be a day (if I can manage it) to attempt deeper mindfulness in and between my conversations. And as for the parable, I will try to really ponder and maybe begin to answer the questions: What kind of soil am I as the seeds of God’s word are sown in me? Am I the path where the “birds” of other cares quickly eat up the seed? Am I rocky soil, not deep enough for the word to take root? Are there too many thorns in me, of whatever nature, choking the word of God in favor of other plans and projects? Or am I conscious, rich soil wherein the word can flourish and produce fruit? I know from experience and the kindness of others that it takes constant tending of good soil  for it to be productive. Thus, the admonition of Jesus will be my companion today.

“Whoever has ears to hear ought to hear!”