This morning as I pondered each of the readings for this Sunday, it seemed to me like an unfolding, a discovery, or the tripping of a stream down a small waterfall toward a larger body where everything merged into oneness. Let me see if I can capture the feeling of it – each reading yielding a sentence that carries the progression.

1. God speaks through Isaiah. “You are my servant, Israel, through whom I show my glory,” reminding us the reason God has formed us in the womb.

2. The servant (each of us) responds with the psalmist, “In the written scroll it is prescribed for me, to do your will, O my God, is my delight.”

3. As we recognize and go about the ministry of service to God in our lives in myriad ways, Paul gives us a greeting of encouragement to share with all we meet. “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

4. As John the Baptist in today’s gospel recounts the fulfillment of his life purpose that he recognized when he met Jesus, so we hope to be led to that realization as we go about our lives. John says, “…the reason why I came…was that he might be made known.”

All of this reminds me that our lives are connected to that great chain of being and that we have within us the stories of all who have gone before throughout our history – of our ancestors in faith through our parents or whoever appeared in our lives to help us recognize our call to be servants of God. Today it seems possible for me to reach back for the wisdom of the ages and to reach down to the core of meaning for the grace to continue the stream, so that I might be a witness to the God who is always revealed as the great ocean of Love.