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christbaptismToday we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, that cinematic event of Jesus humbling himself to be baptized by John and the Spirit coming to rest on Jesus, the Beloved Son. I was three weeks old when I was baptized so the ritual of initiation into the Christian family is powerful to me only by hearsay. I have been blessed, however, to have participated in many rituals of baptism for people of all ages and it is always meaningful to hear parents and godparents speak their willingness to pass on the faith to those too young to speak for themselves. My parents and godparents certainly took that responsibility seriously. More meaningful to me as I grow older, however, is the conviction of people being baptized as adults, stating for themselves and all who hear their beliefs and their willingness to live a life congruent with those beliefs. That is an  admirable and sometimes difficult task in this changing, complex world. It takes great reflection and courage to know ourselves and what we say “yes” to each day. Having a faith community in which we can wrestle with the difficult issues and reaffirm our faith is a great advantage. Today is a good day for all of us to review what we are committed to by our faith and, in the spirit of “New Year’s Resolutions”, to resolve anew to live honestly and seriously our commitment to the God who calls us beloved children.