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standrewToday is the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle. All of the readings for this day speak in some way about the role of an “apostle” – one who speaks/preaches. In the letter to the Romans, Paul reiterates a line from the Hebrew Scriptures that emphasizes this role rather lyrically. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” In Eastern spiritual practice, devotees often reverence the feet of their guru as one who walks in light. Christians have attributed that line to Jesus whom we see as the one who brought the “Good News” to our world. The psalm for today (19) is also replete with beauty as the psalmist sings: “Your words, O  Lord, are spirit and life! They are more precious than gold, sweeter than honey…

Perhaps there are no more important words than those spoken by Jesus in today’s gospel to Andrew. “COME,’ Jesus says. “Follow me.” What if Andrew and the other fishermen who met Jesus that day had been so occupied with their nets that they didn’t clearly hear (with their hearts) what Jesus was saying? Perhaps today is a good time to ponder what is being said to us and about how we might sharpen our inner ear so that we might be ready to respond to the call of God each day.